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iCloud Woes

June 9, 2017

I’m getting pretty annoyed with iCloud.

For several months beginning about September last year and ending a couple months ago, I had intermittent issues with iCloud being unable to authenticate on devices. I spoke to Apple Support, and they were seemingly unable to help me. Then, suddenly, everything seemed to be working okay once more.

A few days ago, I began having issues with iCloud Notes not syncing across devices. Now I can’t even delete two (empty) folders; if I try, they just come back on whatever device I tried to delete them from (including the web app).

I spoke to Apple Support again yesterday, and they said my iCloud Drive is “extensive”. Well… I do have about 225 GB of photos / videos, which I’ve accumulated over the last few years – mostly taken with iPhones. I’ve also got about 4 GB in iOS backups. But 230 GB is less than 1/8th of my total 2 TB of storage. If Apple offers and sells me that storage, and using less than 13% of said storage causes problems, then what is my motivation for storing my stuff on iCloud?

Also… this can’t possibly be good, can it:


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