Date: August 16, 2015 at 8:42 PM
Tags: anger
Location: 126 Wellsville Ave, New Milford, CT, United States
Weather: 79° Mostly Clear

I fucking hate T-Mobile.

Let me rephrase – I hate incompetence. I hate stupidity. I really hate people’s bullshit.

“It can take 24 hours”. This is the most evil phrase in the history of man.

24 hours typically means any amount of time, with no predictability or rationality, and no explanation. If I call to port a number this morning? 24 hours. If I call to ask about my port the next day? 24 hours. Call two days later to see why the port hasn’t completed yet? 24 hours!

I swear, the next person who utters that timespan to me will get a punch in the gonads. The pain could last for 24 hours.


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