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January 30, 2012

A few years ago I made the ill-advised decision to buy an iPhone. Before long, I grew tired of my collection of lame MP3s and sought new entertainment.

I found it in the form of “Nerdy Show” (

Perhaps the most standout host of any show I’ve ever listened to is Mike Pandel, AKA “Triforce Mike”. There’s no topic he wouldn’t broach, no reference he wouldn’t call out, and if that show was ever intended to be safe for children, he saw to it that it wasn’t.

Together with his fellow nerds, Mike kept me laughing this entire time since. I’ve listened to him rant about video games, movies, and geek pop culture. I’ve cringed at some of his “I can’t believe he went that far” jokes. There were plenty of times at my job that people would give me funny looks because I just couldn’t stop giggling.

Last night, Mike was biking into an intersection and was hit by a car. His brain was badly damaged. He was comatose, being kept alive only by machines. Now he’s just gone.

I will continue to listen to Nerdy Show, as long as it continues to come out. But I’m afraid nothing will ever quite fill the void left by Triforce Mike. Honestly, this is the first time since Christopher Reeve died that the death of someone I never met affected me this much.

And now, a tribute song for Mike… Pokémon Gold & Silver – Route 45 (Mike was obsessed with Pokémon, and his favorite, Teddiursa, is found here).

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